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Welcome to The Store

Welcome to the CK Store. It's a social store. Here, you can list items that you have for sale, and you can also recieve payment for them. Maybe you want to sell cards or packs, or whatever. maybe you want to sell CK T-Shirts, or maybe you want to buy some of those things. basically, you can sell whatever you want here. Use at your own risk.

Tha Shit For Sale
Price $4.00 Weight lbs.
MtGO Scourge Booster Pack

MtGO Scourge Booster Pack

These are the 15 card, randomly sorted, booster packs. They contain 1 Rare, 3 Uncommon, and 11 Common cards. These are for Magic the Gathering On LINE so are digital objects.

To purchase one or more of these booster packs, @ 4 tickets each, hit me up on line and we can enter into a trade. I can normally be found lurking in the MtGO multiplayer room. PM me or leave me a message if I am away.

I am working on completing my Acquisition of Master's Edition Dual Lands. I still need all lands except for Badlands (Swamp/Mountain). I would be happy to trade you my booster packs for your Master Edition Dual Lands.

I also have 15 card booster packs in the following sets available for sale/trade:

Eighth Edition Core Set


2010 Core Set


ZENith SINgularity

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