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Welcome to the CK Store. It's a social store. Here, you can list items that you have for sale, and you can also recieve payment for them. Maybe you want to sell cards or packs, or whatever. maybe you want to sell CK T-Shirts, or maybe you want to buy some of those things. basically, you can sell whatever you want here. Use at your own risk.

Tha Shit For Sale
Circleville, OH 43113-2112
Price $10.00 Weight 1 lbs.
Magic The Gathering Novals

Johan , author Clayton Emery , The battle for Bryce has begun. The city of Bryce is being watched by unfriendly eyes. A mysterious prophecy, a desperate wizard, and an extraordinary tiger man are somehow caught up in the city's destiny. One man must race against time to understand how - and why- or risk the enslavement of his people.

The Prodigal Sorcerer , author Mark Summer , For centuries, the magewall has isolated a battletorn valley. There, three races live in perpetual strife fueled by prejudice and fear. The Vashino hate the Garan, the Garan loathe the Humans, and the Humans despise them all. But a new day is dawning. Tagard Tarngold, a human leader, has a plan that could bring harmony to his war-ravaged home, and has enlisted the aid of Aligaurius, a sorcerer from the Institute of Arcane Studies, in his efforts. Peace may be on the horizon at last. But the terrible price of Tagard's peace may be more than his people can pay.


you get both books for 10 bucks plus shipping. pictures are them, it is what it is, not a book grader or buy any means a collector, i will say they both have no torn pages and have been read. but are in pretty good shape.

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