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As BIG RUNCH pointed out in his thread Just a quick reminder.....

          The new client is now the only Magic client available to us. Good bad or indifferent, its here to stay. The basic landscape of MTGO has been slowly changing over the last year. They promise us that leagues will return soon and the new client at least looks cool on a dual-screen. Vintage has replaced Classic for obvious reasons, power 9 make classic an unviable format. It was broken anyway, more broken then vintage. (If you can believe that) But it was, in order to replicate or give the feeling of vintage where there was none. They have also dramaticly changed the way we play multiplayer. Removing our chat room, in place of a general play room. Changing 2HG to more resemble sanctioned play. ie 30 life instead of 40. Shared turns and we can have sanctioned events online... just sayin.

           But, Where does that leave us? The Classic Kings, the Multiplayer masters. Well currently we are on top of the Multiplayer clans that are left, which honestly isn't saying much, not a lot of clans left very active. Deathrow continues to win packs, and make a name for us. We've branched into other games. Not something new to CK. Something still, and maybe now, more prevalent.

          I think we can bond more as a clan with the new chat program Razercomms, as it functions well with other games, lets your friends know what games you are playing, and lets you communicate with them. In Game. Please take a minute to check it out, if you haven't had a chance. BTW ITS FREE. RazercomsUse your CK email if you have one, so that it's easy for other members to find you. If you don't have a CK email yet just contact, or message her onsite or in game. Vent costs us money and the only donations that we should have to worry about is the website.

Other then that I hope to see you all on the playing field












Delving Back into Pauper
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Tags: Pauper Competitive Delver

So I have decided to get back into the swing of things in pauper. I have looked at the meta over the last few weeks. I decided to give what I was playing with a few tweaks a try before banning. 


I was only able to record 2 of my matches due to issues with XSplit. 

Deck Tech:

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

Match 1: Was unable to record went 2-1 vs Boros Kitty or whatever the hell the deck name is now. Game one he got fast flyers down and I was unable to recover. Game 2 I had delver, cloud, cloud with spell stutter sprite backup on turn 2 he conceeded the match.


Match 2: 

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

​Match 3: 

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

Match 4: Got an error with XSplit and was unable to record the match. I played mono black control it went really poorly game 1. Sideboarded and won games 2 and 3. -4 Vapor Snags, -2 Sea Sprite, +2 Serrated Arrows,  + 2 deprive, +2 Remove Soul.


So far the deck has been doing really well against a variety of matchups. Here is the list with card links for your viewing purposes. 


Delver MUC
Post Banning
Delver of Secrets 
Ninja of the Deep Hours 
Cloud of Faeries 
Spire Golem 
Sea Sprite 
Spellstutter Sprite 
23 cards

Other Spells 
Vapor Snag 
Mana Leak 
Vapor Snag 
Remove Soul 
20 cards
Terramorphic Expanse 
16 Island 
17 cards
Serrated Arrows 
Remove Soul 
Coast Watcher 
Curse of Chains 
Steel Sabotage 
15 cards
Spellstutter Sprite


Hope you enjoy and have fun playing this amazing deck!

Here comes the Power 9
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Tags: Power 9 Black Lotus Mox Time Walk Ancestral Recall Timetwister.

Wizards Of The Coast is finally releasing the Power 9 into MTGO! And a new format for MTGO to boot called Vintage. For those who play/played paper Magic you know that Vintage is probably the most difficult and expensive format of all to play. For those who have never played with them before, look out! You are going to step into a whole new world of Joy and Pain!

Doing a quick check on Ebay the price for an Unlimited Black Lotus in fair shape is 1200.00. The Unlimited Moxen, Ancestral Recall and Time Walk in fair shape range from 500.00 – 700.00 each. Timetwister is around the 400.00 range. There is a set of all 5 Moxen Beta in good condition for 3800.00 if you’re feeling frisky with your life savings!

The reason why so few people play Vintage in paper Magic is the cards you need to compete are astronomical in price. Oh you can play with your regular cards and all that, but if you want to actually compete at say a tournament someone sets up in Los Angeles for actual prizes, you will need the 9. Period.

But now, it’s going to be on MTGO. Will it change the landscape? No. Because they are creating its own format for just such an occasion. Vintage. This means you will only be able to play the Power 9 in this format only. Which IS a good thing! But they are also making it possible for anyone to be able to play in the format by selling them the way they are.

As for the prices coming out of the gate???? I will not speculate here, at least not now. But at the outset, they should be within reason in contrast to Lion’s Eye Diamond and Force of Will.

Force of Will.

Hmmm. That brings up another thought. They are not just releasing the Power 9, they are releasing Vintage Masters as a complete set. There are a lot of cards not on MTGO besides the Power 9 (Such as a favorite of mine Gravity Sphere) that can be in this set. They posted that in each booster pack will be 10 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare or mythic, 1 premium foil card (any rarity, including the extremely rare premium foil Power Nine card), OR 1 Power Nine card.

So, what will they put in there?

I know from personal experience that the only card that can stop the “First turn your opponent doesn’t even get play kill” is Force of Will.

With the Power 9 in play, and so many options for the “First turn your opponent doesn’t even get play kill” it would seem really boneheaded to me to not include Force of Will in the set. But, we will have to see.

The “First turn your opponent doesn’t even get play kill” will have such variety now 20 years later and  after so many different sets and game mechanics it is going to be fun as hell to see the new and inventive ways people come up with to do the “First turn your opponent doesn’t even get play kill”. (Especially in CK!)


The old classic is the Channel/Fireball combo. That’s where you drop a land, Black Lotus, a Mox, Channel 19 life into a fireball with 1 extra mana and KABOOM! Your opponent doesn’t even get play.

With some of the new cards some ideas that come to mind include one of my favorite combos: Grindstone/Painters Servant. Black Lotus, a Land, 2 Mox(or 1 Mox and a Sol Ring), Grindstone, Painters Servant and bye bye.

A perennial favorite in the CK clan is the Liliana’s Caress kill. Well now with the Power 9 the “First turn your opponent doesn’t even get play kill” can happen from that too. Black Lotus, Mox Jet, Badland, Sol Ring, Liliana’s Caress, Wheel of Fortune, Fork. Bye.

Again, what can stop this hideousness from occurring? Force of Will.

Think of the deck possibilities with an Artifact Deck similar to the archetype that frequently dominates Classic? Better stock up on those Chalice of the Voids! Tolarian Academy look out!

True dual lands (i.e. Badlands, Tundra, etc.) will probably get even more expensive.

As for Banned/Restricted cards, I don’t see anything getting Banned, but they did mention it in the article on the website that there may be. The Restricted list will look like the Vintage Restricted list for paper Magic.

What can you expect playing in Vintage on MTGO? Expect your opponent to play blue! Well everyone will most likely have at least the following in each deck they play: Black Lotus, 1 Mox for each of the colors represented in the deck, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, and a Sol Ring. Other cards that compliment the deck and are staple cards in Vintage decks are Demonic Tutor and Regrowth. Imperial Seal and Vampiric Tutor also help to speed up the win condition.

But as for the aforementioned Black Lotus, 1 Mox for each color in the deck, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, and Sol Ring? Be prepared. They will be there. You will rarely see mono-colored decks in Vintage except for blue. (Blue wizards know the power and the evil of blue).  Players are most likely going to splash blue for the Time Walk and Ancestral Recall because you just cannot compare to taking another turn for 1 blue and 1 colorless nor 3 cards for 1 blue mana! As for the Black Lotus and the Moxen? You can’t beat free colored mana!

(Note: Lotus Petals may jump in price also.)

I for one cannot wait. I miss playing with those cards. They were fun in the early days of Magic, but quickly lost out to Type 2 (Now Standard) because not everyone had them. Now it will be possible for many players to have them again.

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