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Officers Meeting - June 5, 2010
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Well, in this blog, I will tell you guys a little bit about the Officers meeting, and I will also present it to you in its entirety on the audio record. 

Also, I would like to point out that the inline spell check option for all text entry areas on the site is now set to default, which means you have no excuses for being misspelling words anymore.

Also, a new feature programmed into the site is the ability to have an automatic inline mp3 player added whenever you insert an mp3 link for the first time in any blog entry.

About The Officer's meeting:

This was the first ever official clan business meeting that we ever aired live on WCKR, and we would like to thank the management team of WCKR for their cooperation in presenting this meeting commercial free. We had some issues facing he clan, and some things are going to be restructured. One Important item you might all want to listen for is Operation Consolidation: Phase 3, which calls for the movement of all active main accounts into one chapter, CerealKillaz Ninjaz. So listen to the reason and how we have planned to get past the issue of only being able to assign one account the captaincy of any mtgo clan. I think you'll find it an ingenious plan. Or maybe not, just listen, damnit. To listen, just click either link above in the first line of this blog, or the yellow play button beside it. You may also just click        this link to download the file and listen to it in your favorite mp3 player.

Thanks for reading, have a good one.


New Website Features! (UPDATED 4/23/10)
Category: Archived News

In this blog I will discuss two of the recent changes to the website's functionality. If you use the site frequently, you'll want to give this a read.

First off, I want to say that I'm real excited to announce these changes to you that I think you are going to like. So, I'll just list them off in order.

Instant Messaging Upgrades:

  1. Instant Message (IM) windows can now be minimized.
  2. The CK Messenger button will contain all your minimized (Active) IMs in the buddylist.
  3. If you have an IM open with someone on the site, yet minimized to the toolbar and they send you a chat, the full text of the message will show in a message alert popup at the bottom right of the site, and the number online indicator will flash between red and yellow colors.
  4. When you click on your buddylist after the thing in #3 happens, you will see a yellow dot beside the one most recently chatting with you.

Okay, so IMs is obviously the big one here, but you guys should also be aware of the following one, it's something to do with your profiles:

New Friend Box:

The Friends element that can be added to your profile now can be customized to display the friends by various ways which you choose.

This one, you just have to go play around with and hopefully you'll like it. You may have to delete your old friends element before adding the new one.

Also, in an added bit, if you have the chatroom minimized and switch pages, you now stay in it, which is a big plus, and the new message glow from yellow to red on the ims has been added to the chat room population indicator.

Try these out everyone, I think you will like them.



As you may have seen in the title of the blog post, some even newer features have been added which i think you should be aware of. Firstly, the text editor site-wide has recieved a lot of functionality tweaks. Secondly, all plain text commenting areas have been updated to now show entered URLs as links, and image URLs as thumbnails, and YouTube URLs as playable videos directly in the comment, as i will display in a comment directly under this post.

New CerealKillaz MTGO Skin Released
Category: Archived News

Randel Flag has recently released version CKinz v3.5, a brand new MTGO skin based on this site. You guys have got to check it out, you do yourself harm by not doing so. Play magic and have fun looking at the skin. Here's a preview of it, but you'll have to download it to see things like the coin flip, etc.

Look, i hope you guys love it as much as I do. OH YEAH, you might want the download link,  Click here to download it.

Also, if you are having trouble installing the skin, you can go to our skins page, and watch the walkthrough, also, you might find another skin there that is more to your liking.


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