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A Day of Winnings
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Today i noticed i was the lone CK member in MTGO and i decided to amuse myself in a couple tournaments. I slipped into a Theros,Theros,BornofGods draft with a 4-3-2-2 payout. I haven't drafted in a long time and had no idea what the new cards were in Born of the Gods. To my amusement i got a little bit of every color in the draft so i went with 4 colors. It was basically a Green n White deck splashed with Blue and Black. I used green to fix my colors with 2 Nylea's Presence and a single Peregrination which fetched 2 basic lands. Also I was lucky to draft a Temple of Deceit. I ended up with all 4 colors pretty much every single game. I tried to keep 2 colors down to a single color in the CMC to make it simple to cast. I had 3 land untappers and a Courser of Kruphix for mana accelerators. My main bomb cards were a Reaper of the Wilds, Auriok planeswalker, Nemesis of Mortals, Archetype of Endurance, Fated Retribution, and a Fabled Hero. I ended up with a few target cards like 2 Reap what is Sown, Battlewise Valor and Gift of Immortality to pump heroic creatures. I only seen 4 creature ctrl cards, 1 of which was mass removal (Fated Retribution), and the other 3 were Lash of the Whip, Devine Verdict and a Flamecast Wheel. The MVP of my deck was a pair of Setessan Griffins, which is a 3/2 flyer for 4 and a White and could pump +2/+2 for 2 and two Green. They were both on the receiving end of Bestow cards and Reap what is Sown for pumps every other game. Aushiok won a single game for me with the ability to exile 3 cards of my opponents library every turn. I played 19 lands in a 42 card deck. Every game i played was an aggro deck with a little ctrl. It seemed my creatures were too powerful for the ctrl and too big for the little aggro guys. The mana accel worked very well. I can see why Courser of Kruphix is a $7 rare, peeling lands off the top of my library and putting them in play with the help of a Witches' Eye equipment which let me scry for 1 every turn. The deck worked very well with a few sideboard tricks like Skyreaping and Fleetfeather Sandals for flying, and Revoke Existence for enchantment/artifact removal. The deck brought me 4-0 victory. 


Following this i received a PM from BlippyTheSlug for a 15 man Friday Night Standard free entry tournament. I thought "hey it free and im bored". I jumped into that with a partial Devotion to Black build. This build is missing 3 thoughtseize, 2 bile blight, 4 pack rat, and 4 lifebane zombie. I used cards like Liliana of the Dark Realms, Duress, and Devour Flesh to fill the blanks. The deck worked perfectly facing a Black Green graveyard deck, Devotion to Blue, Jund Aggro, and a final game with a very nicely built  Blue White Ctrl. Went 4-0 with 2-1 victories vs. BlackGreen and Jund Aggro, and 2-0 victories vs. Devotion to Blue and BlueWhite Ctrl. Was very impressed how the deck came together at the right moments. 

Deadstar Tags: Television

as the title states my old account name so there will be no more confusion as to who I am


GeneralChang came from a show called community the biggest name star in that show is Chevy Chase


The show is about a community college one of the proffessors named senor chang got fired because he didn't really have a degree and was an asian man teaching spanish that he learned on seasame street 


Senor Chang later get's rehired at the school as a security guard to pay for his schooling there where he soon takes over the school by taking the dean hostage and replacing him with a look alike where he hire's his 12 year old goons to keep the school in check with excessive force the pre teens refer to him as GeneralChang

Delving Back into Pauper
Category: Words Of Wisdom
Tags: Pauper Competitive Delver

So I have decided to get back into the swing of things in pauper. I have looked at the meta over the last few weeks. I decided to give what I was playing with a few tweaks a try before banning. 


I was only able to record 2 of my matches due to issues with XSplit. 

Deck Tech:

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

Match 1: Was unable to record went 2-1 vs Boros Kitty or whatever the hell the deck name is now. Game one he got fast flyers down and I was unable to recover. Game 2 I had delver, cloud, cloud with spell stutter sprite backup on turn 2 he conceeded the match.


Match 2: 

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

​Match 3: 

Watch live video from Super_Secret_Tech on TwitchTV

Match 4: Got an error with XSplit and was unable to record the match. I played mono black control it went really poorly game 1. Sideboarded and won games 2 and 3. -4 Vapor Snags, -2 Sea Sprite, +2 Serrated Arrows,  + 2 deprive, +2 Remove Soul.


So far the deck has been doing really well against a variety of matchups. Here is the list with card links for your viewing purposes. 


Delver MUC
Post Banning
Delver of Secrets 
Ninja of the Deep Hours 
Cloud of Faeries 
Spire Golem 
Sea Sprite 
Spellstutter Sprite 
23 cards

Other Spells 
Vapor Snag 
Mana Leak 
Vapor Snag 
Remove Soul 
20 cards
Terramorphic Expanse 
16 Island 
17 cards
Serrated Arrows 
Remove Soul 
Coast Watcher 
Curse of Chains 
Steel Sabotage 
15 cards
Spellstutter Sprite


Hope you enjoy and have fun playing this amazing deck!

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