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Out with the old...
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As BIG RUNCH pointed out in his thread Just a quick reminder.....

          The new client is now the only Magic client available to us. Good bad or indifferent, its here to stay. The basic landscape of MTGO has been slowly changing over the last year. They promise us that leagues will return soon and the new client at least looks cool on a dual-screen. Vintage has replaced Classic for obvious reasons, power 9 make classic an unviable format. It was broken anyway, more broken then vintage. (If you can believe that) But it was, in order to replicate or give the feeling of vintage where there was none. They have also dramaticly changed the way we play multiplayer. Removing our chat room, in place of a general play room. Changing 2HG to more resemble sanctioned play. ie 30 life instead of 40. Shared turns and we can have sanctioned events online... just sayin.

           But, Where does that leave us? The Classic Kings, the Multiplayer masters. Well currently we are on top of the Multiplayer clans that are left, which honestly isn't saying much, not a lot of clans left very active. Deathrow continues to win packs, and make a name for us. We've branched into other games. Not something new to CK. Something still, and maybe now, more prevalent.

          I think we can bond more as a clan with the new chat program Razercomms, as it functions well with other games, lets your friends know what games you are playing, and lets you communicate with them. In Game. Please take a minute to check it out, if you haven't had a chance. BTW ITS FREE. RazercomsUse your CK email if you have one, so that it's easy for other members to find you. If you don't have a CK email yet just contact, or message her onsite or in game. Vent costs us money and the only donations that we should have to worry about is the website.

Other then that I hope to see you all on the playing field












Jester Magic 2
Category: Magic Related
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Kinda forgot I'd written the first Jester Magic shortly after my arrival in my new city. Feels like a year, and yet it has been simply 4 months.

Since last entry, post, whatever, I guess the highlights would be (Magic anyway) me wanting (like others before me) to take on a more active role and do stuff for the clan, the chapter I'm in. Like others, I learned that the reward is punishment with drama for trying to do more. I'm not the first person to learn that leson. Others have and moved on, even out of CK. 

I'm here. Even after much bitching about the new client, I downloaded the only MTGO thing yesterday - the only thing that will exist after today. Or already. I spent about ten minutes last night poking around. It's different. I don't know about better. Though I suspect it is not better simply because it is different.

Change. People want change thinking it's automatically better. Not so. I used to tell guys in the service who bitched about the Commanding Officer or the XO. They wanted "change." 1/3 chance the newleader is better. 1/3 chance he's not really different. 1/3 chance he's WORSE. People never understand that. Until the change So it goes with MTGO, I guess. And in a sense with CK. I'm not judging the latest changes good or bad yet - and I even had a chance to be part of the change. I think I just got to a point where I did say, how long will this latest change last until it gets changed? Don't get me wrong - I want a thriving, flourishing, strong, active clan with a strong tenet or two. I'm just going to go out and play when I can. And write now and again. Sentinel Jester. Watching changes stoically. Waiting to see if MTGO and CK change for the better from the vantage point of the trenches of play. Letting the generals move the figures around on the map boards. 


Category: Magic Related

Today I got into my second sealed event for Vintage Masters (VMA). My first sealed event ending in 2-2 and taking home 2 packs, which ironically i sold with my 2 bomb rares to pay for the event and make a hefty profit. Anyways in this second event i concocted a Blue/Green Madness build which contained a few counters and bounce spells, few madness creatures and spells, few creatures that use discard for activating abilities, couple flyers, and some enchantment pumps. I was impressed with the selection i got but still wanted to build a secondary decklist in a Black/Red aggro burn build. This secondary list won me the last 2 matches which helped me go 4-0 and overall preformed better than the blue green build. Looking back i made the right descision using blue/green then switching decks mid match to take the win. This would set my opponents up to sideboard against blue green ctrl but end up playing against a black red aggro. For those of you that dont know what Tyrant's Choice is, it essentially does 4 dmg to your opponent, or on a very rare occasion makes them sack a creature. This combined with fast paced creatures and Fireblast would be too much speed for every opponent that faced it.  So in the end i went 4-0 taking 9 packs and some pride home with me. I recommend playing sealed for those that never drafted or played sealed before. Sealed is much easier to play and you only have to win 2 matches anywhere in the 4 matches you play to win packs.

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