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   Hey Killaz~!! Happy new year and all that Jazz. Nice to see some old faces starting to hang out again, and some new ones. I see only good things coming up for us here at CK this year. Bubba is stepping up to try his hand at manning the ship, and with that I see a clan more focused on wotc sanctioned events. I myself would really like to see our name pop up in these games more. The new client is nice, but mostly focused on drafting and tournament play, Its hard to get multiplayer games going that are worth playing, that being said, if  we get a few more active people hanging out maybe we can start playing group sanctioned events. Like an all CK draft for instance. Great way for us to make sure CK gets a win and we all can learn from each other chatting on Razer.

   BTW if you haven't downloaded Razer DO IT! It's a great free voice chat program. We have a channel on razercoms. Click this link and check out this thread on it to get all hooked up ---->>>>Razercom

   Also April is just around the corner and the website will need to be renewed so please take a min to click the donate tab on the front page and donate anything you can.

   Happy hunting Killaz, lets start seeing more in-game screenshots of some tournament wins guys and galls!




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Category: Artistic Stuff
Tags: Fantasy

In my own little fictional world I have created a yin yang type pekking order for good and evil


The strongest of the Heroes shall weild the holy sword Anihalizer a sword made of pure diamond crafted after the tears of god himself


The strongest of the villians shall use a sword named Enighalizer made forged in the fires of hell with a tungsten blade and brimstone handle a synthetic version of the Anihalizer which is made by the means to destroy the world


It is said in this story that the strongest hero shall prevail over the villian of darkness, but at the sacrifice of his most cherished of all loved ones he shall find the strength to defeat the weilder of Enighalizer, and bring balance and order back to the world


Only by cracking the blade of the Enighalizer can evil be despersed and the world be purfied

got kicked off, need help
Category: Magic Related

i need help to get back on mtgo. i guess i have been booted from mtgo. i can not log into the program. when i click on the short cut it gives me a pop up that says something is wrong with my connection or the site is down. i reset my mac addy but still no go. any ideas?

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In: got kicked off, need help
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