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Hey all my killaz i am part of a radio station i am the co host and im trying to bring in listeners as well as callers to boost up ratings please show you support by tuning in sat 9 pm till 11 pm i will be live and will be taking callers request hope to see all my killaz
Grap's Introduction to Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an online CCG (that many MTGO players and MTG pros have left MTGO for) like Magic, with some major differences.

-The way you get cards is much different.  Hearthstone is free to start out in, but getting packs/arena runs (will cover those in a bit,)/adventure modes costs money or gold.  You can disenchant all the cards you have that you dont want for something called dust.  You can then use this dust to make cards.  All cards of the same rarity have the same dust cost.  Due to this, many people have the very best cards in the game.

-Although are some simalrities, are some major differences in gameplay.  One thing that is majorly different is that you can not react during your opponents turn.  The only way you can do something is if you set up a Secret or Trap during your turn.  Another major difference is that you can attack your opponents creatures.  This makes clearing your opponents board and taking control of creatures (called Minions in Hearthstone) on board a major part of the game.  Another key difference is that you can attack with your character, and many of the classes can equip weapons.

-The biggest difference in Hearthstone, is that there are no lands.  You get an additional mana each turn up to 10 mana.  There are still a ton of random elements in the game though.  Due to it only being a PC game wih no paper counterpart, there are many random effects that could not have in a paper card game.

-Hearthstone has 3 main modes of play.  Play is just casual or ranked mode play.  For each 3 wins you get in this you get 10 gold.

-Solo adventures is a one player challenge mode. Currently, the only way to play it is if you have Curse of Naxxramas, but they are adding a new solo adventure each year.

-Arena is Hearthstones answer to Draft/Sealed.  It costs either 150 gold or two dollars.  How you build a deck is that it gives you a choice of 1 of 3 cards.  You keep choosing until you get a 30 card deck.  It has a couple of advantages over MTG limited, you don't have to wait for the round to end after your game, and that you can leave in the middle of an Arena run and come back and continue it another day.  You keep playing until you get 3 losses. At the end of the Arena run, you will atleast get one pack, along with gold, dust, and random cards. The maximum amount of wins you can get in an Arena is 12.

Hearthstone has 9 Character classes.  All of them can use Neutral Minions, and each one has minions and spell cards that are individual to the class.  Another difference between classes is that each class has a Hero Power that can use once a turn for 2 mana.   For example, a Paladin can pay two mana to make a 1/1 Soldier, and a Mage can pay two mana to deal one damage to a Minion or player.

If anyone is looking to an alternative to MTG, I really suggest they look at Hearthstone.  If you download it, and want to talk to me in game you can add me on  My gamertag is grapfarang#1901

Cerealkillaz 2015 and beyond Tags: Donate website razercomms

   Hey Killaz~!! Happy new year and all that Jazz. Nice to see some old faces starting to hang out again, and some new ones. I see only good things coming up for us here at CK this year. Bubba is stepping up to try his hand at manning the ship, and with that I see a clan more focused on wotc sanctioned events. I myself would really like to see our name pop up in these games more. The new client is nice, but mostly focused on drafting and tournament play, Its hard to get multiplayer games going that are worth playing, that being said, if  we get a few more active people hanging out maybe we can start playing group sanctioned events. Like an all CK draft for instance. Great way for us to make sure CK gets a win and we all can learn from each other chatting on Razer.

   BTW if you haven't downloaded Razer DO IT! It's a great free voice chat program. We have a channel on razercoms. Click this link and check out this thread on it to get all hooked up ---->>>>Razercom

   Also April is just around the corner and the website will need to be renewed so please take a min to click the donate tab on the front page and donate anything you can.

   Happy hunting Killaz, lets start seeing more in-game screenshots of some tournament wins guys and galls!




Captain of CerealKillaz Ninjaz

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